The Governor’s Wife

This costume was created for the character of The Governor’s Wife for the play "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" by Bertolt Brecht

Concept and execution by Mady Berry
Performance by Pippa Evans
Movement Direction by Peta Lily
Project Leader Donatella Barbieri for London College of Fashion
Photos by Suki Lui

I chose to set the play at the end of the Civil War because it is a period that is idolized in American history.
It marked the end of slavery and the end of the glory days of plantation life.
It is my intention to apply Brecht’s
dark sense of humor and highlight his reflections on the ugly truths about
war and power to my adaptation.
The character of the Governor’s Wife is driven by materialistic gain. In my representation of her I chose to create a garment that in response to her greed devours her and turn her into the monster she truly is.

Mady Berry, The Governor’s Wife