Real Vegas

Spring 2013
Photographed by Isabelle McGuire
and Sam Haid

Mady Berry, Real Vegas, Boob, gold nipples, real houswife, full front view
Mady Berry, Real Vegas, rhinestone, performance

New Son

Spring 2013
Made in Collaboration with
Drew Hanks
Photographed by Isabelle McGuire

Mady Berry and Drew Hanks, New Son, performance, baby doll
New Son, birthday party, sculpture
New Son, funny kid

Prosthesis (Hair Cone)

Fall 2012
Made in collaboration with
Isabelle McGuire
Photographed by Isabelle McGuire

Prosthesis (Hair Cone), performance, collaboration view
Prosthesis (Hair Cone), hair growth, sculpture, side view
Prosthesis (Hair Cone), human cone, back view
Prosthesis (Hair Cone), wood, front view
Prosthesis (Hair Cone) ink and wash drawing